Letter: Don’t believe everything you hear — Dig deeper

To the Editor:

Had to laugh. A friend told me, very angrily, that she was not voting for Ned Lamont because he wants to initiate a state car tax on top of what we already pay in town/city car tax. I asked her where she got that idea. She said from the TV commercials. I told her if she looked further than those silly, what, 30 second ads she would find out that she was being fed, well, fake news. Even a current article in other newspapers stated the word ‘replacement’ state tax ‘instead’ of the town/city car tax was the idea, which would equal a more equitable car tax across the state for all residents. This idea is being shot down though since some towns/cities charge way more car tax than other towns/cities. These towns/cities do not want to lose current revenue.

You must question the TV commercials and the mailed fliers. If you look at the return address on some of those pieces of paper they come from out-of- state lobbyists. Highway tolls? Look to Rhode Island for a story.... Connecticut is. Just saying... Dig deeper. Question.

D. Jacobs