Letter: Diane Candido supports Staneski for state Senate seat

To the Editor:

I have known Pam Staneski for 20 years and found her to be just the type of person one would want to speak on their behalf. I watched this energetic, smart and articulate woman advocate for better educational opportunities in our Milford Public Schools as she made her first mark in Milford as a Board of Education member.

We share the same passion for the mission of United Way of Milford and truly understand that organization’s mission statement “Together we help people” and we have done just that in our individual roles helping people in our community receive much-needed assistance.

When Pam became aware of the obvious need to educate our Milford youth and parents on the dangers of drugs and alcohol, she was instrumental in organizing the Milford Prevention Council and continues to be part of the team working to educate the community about the risks of substance abuse.

In recent years I have worked with Pam as she spearheaded the United Way of Milford Diaper Drive, which has become a successful annual event collecting thousands of diapers for Milford families.

Our senior population, our educational structure, our veterans, our youth, our families — or take a look at it personally — your elderly parents, your children, your spouse, your neighbor or your co-worker. Male of female. Pam is always willing to step up and do what is necessary for all of the people of Milford.

Pam Staneski works hard to make Milford a better place.

Diane Candido