Jagodzinski responds to Rose's PAC accusation

To the Editor:

On November 3 the Milford Mirror posted a letter from Kim Rose discussing an outside PAC targeting her campaign. In that letter she not only criticized the PAC but also attacked me personally. She accused me of potentially being beholden to the PAC and having a one-issue campaign.

As for the PAC, I don't know anything about it. I have never heard of it nor been in contact with the PAC and if the PAC or anyone else ever thinks I'd be 'beholden' they don't know me.

Over the last nine months I have knocked on doors throughout the 118th District. People are concerned that Connecticut has become increasingly unaffordable. Many are leaving or talking about leaving. They see our economy underperforming and job creation lagging and constant budget crises.

To address these issues, I have emphasized three points. First, we need to stop trying to solve every problem by raising taxes. We need to cut spending and start living within our means.  Second, the tactic of trying to create jobs by offering a few large companies tax breaks and incentives to create jobs isn't working. We need to create a business friendly environment that works for all companies big and small and encourages the creation of new businesses. Third, we need to fix our transportation system without tolls. I have a detailed plan on my website ConnieForMilford.com.

Obviously, these aren't the only issues our state faces but these are the issues that must be addressed if we are going to have the resources to address the other issues. It's more than time for a change.

Questions or comments, please contact me at 203-765-2749 or conniejago@aol.com

Connie Jagodzinski