119th District: Ready to support efforts to make Connecticut better

By Kathy Kennedy
It would be my honor and privilege to serve as your state representative in Hartford. I will listen and be a powerful voice for you.  

I will work to grow small business, look to attract new business to Connecticut, improve schools in Milford and Orange, as well as working to enhance public safety and quality of life for all our Milford and Orange residents. As I knock on doors in Orange and Milford, I hear over and over again how hard it is to stay in Connecticut, our wonderful state seems to be more and more unaffordable to the average resident.

As the past president of the Connecticut Parent Teacher Association (CT PTA), I have worked side by side with educators, parents and students to support our local schools. If elected, I plan to work to ensure our students have the necessary tools they need to become lifelong learners. I will also tackle the ongoing issues regarding state education funding (ECS) in our towns and cities making sure all receive their fair share of funding, especially our towns of Milford and Orange. We need to continue the legislative work to expand our K-3 reading readiness programs and fight for legislation requiring the state to develop a plan for universal pre-K. 

With the opioid crisis affecting many of our youth as well as our adults, I will work to address better monitoring of opioid prescriptions, promote greater awareness and education of the dangers of opioid addiction.  

I am sensitive to those who have mental health concerns. We need to make sure Connecticut provides and protects these critical services to those that rely on them.

I pledge to be open-minded and work in a bipartisan manner. I believe in old fashion common sense and know in order to address and solve the big problems facing our state, we must work together instead of attacking one another for political gain. If we want to improve our state and our communities we need to work toward reducing the huge deficit, stop overspending, reduce the hardships of our small business and make Connecticut more affordable for all of our residents.

We must prioritize our state spending making sure existing infrastructure is maintained and repaired before we start new billion dollar projects we cannot afford.

State government must work for its residents not be an impediment in their way. Many businesses see state government as a roadblock to success, I will fight to change that perception.

I am determined, focused and passionate about working for you in Hartford. I will listen and I will speak up for all the people of Milford and Orange.