Staneski proposes bill to privatize some DMV services

To address the long wait times and inefficiencies at the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and to better serve state constituents, State Rep. Pam Staneski has proposed a bill this legislative session to privatize some of the services done by the state agency.

The proposal has been referred to the legislature’s Transportation Committee for further consideration and possible public hearing, she said.

“Today I join many of my colleagues and my constituents, who for years have asked for the legislature to move toward privatizing the Department of Motor Vehicles. We cannot continue to accept four-hour wait times to do simple tasks like renew a license or register a car,” said Staneski. “I owe it to my constituents to make sure state government works for them.”

She said the DMV is still struggling to recover from problems that plagued it a few years ago, eroding public confidence in the agency to properly do its job.