Staneski: ‘Candidate with a proven track record’

The Milford Mirror invited the two Republican candidates in the 14th District State Senate primary to submit commentaries, which ran in the print edition of the Milford Mirror Aug. 2. Following is the commentary submitted by Pam Staneski.
By Pam Staneski
I ask my fellow Republicans for their vote in the Senate District 14 primary on Aug. 14.

As a state representative, my principal mission has been to get Connecticut’s economy back on track. To that end, I supported legislation that imposed strict borrowing and spending caps on the state government. I fought Gov. Malloy’s tolls and tax increases –– on everything from cell phones and over-the-counter medicine to gas and tires. And, I championed several workforce development initiatives, including one to expedite permitting and tax credits for manufacturers who hire and train apprentices.

I am proud to have worked on the Appropriations Committee to draft a budget that would have reduced the size of the state government while protecting education funds, municipal aid, and core social services. I am also proud to have supported legislation to prevent the state from raiding the municipal grants on which cities and towns rely to cover the state’s own budget shortfalls. Though these bills passed in the legislature, Republicans were unable to override the governor’s vetoes.

That is why the stakes are so high in Senate District 14. With this seat, Republicans can gain a majority in the Senate, which would allow us to continue the commonsense reforms we’ve already implemented, and to accomplish even more to restore sanity to our state. This will give confidence to the Connecticut business community that state government is changing for the better.

To do that, we need a candidate with a proven track record of fighting for fiscal reforms in Hartford.

For four years you have trusted me to be your voice in the state House of Representatives. I now ask that you trust me to bring that voice to the Senate by voting for Pam Staneski on Row 4B on Aug. 14.