SCSU VP of Academic Affairs backs Beatty for 119th

To the Editor:

Ellen Beatty is a candidate for State Representative in the 119th Assembly District. We are fortunate, indeed, to have a woman of such experience, passion, and commitment running for office.

Ellen and I worked together for a number of years in the Vice President’s Office at Southern Connecticut State University, and I got to know her well. She is an effective, efficient administrator. She interacts well with others and knows how to build coalitions to get things done. She understands what it’s like to keep essential programs running in the face of tight budgets. She can make and defend hard decisions while always keeping in mind the impact of policies on people.

Ellen has devoted her life, not just her campaign speeches, to education and healthcare – the two wallet-busting issues of our day.

Let’s send Ellen Beatty to Hartford on November 6.

J Philip Smith

Vice President of Academic Affairs Emeritus

Southern Connecticut State University