Republicans endorse Goulden for judge of probate

Local attorney and longtime resident Chris Goulden was unanimously endorsed as the Republican candidate for judge of probate in the 40th District at a convention at High Plains Community Center on May 24.

The district encompasses Milford and Orange.

A graduate of Quinnipiac College School of Law, Goulden has practiced law for more than 27 years in all courts, including probate courts throughout the state, according to a press release announcing his run for the probate seat.

His experience includes estates, conservatorships, termination of parental rights matters, and adoptions. He has also helped individuals in matters involving DCF. His practice is located in Milford, and Goulden is a Milford resident.

Goulden said, “I believe that all citizens of Milford and Orange should have improved access to the Probate Court. I would like to implement a system whereby the Probate Court Would have extended hours on a weeknight and Saturday for a few hours to allow those that can’t reach the court during normal business hours to access the court during these stressful times.

“I want to make the Probate Court experience as easy as possible for all who seek the court’s help,” he added.

Goulden is the president of the Milford Bar Association, as well as a member of the Irish Heritage Society of Milford. He has served on the Statewide Grievance Committee for six years and volunteers in Milford, Bridgeport and Middletown, assisting individuals in settling complex family cases.