Milford group rallies for democratic ideals on Inauguration Day

A group of friends has gotten together to form MilfordSpeaksOut, and they plan to make a political statement on Inauguration Day in front of Milford City Hall.

“Join us at noon on January 20 at the steps of Milford City Hall in solidarity with other Milford residents who are ready to make a commitment to uphold the values of fairness, honesty, integrity, tolerance and respect,” a press release from the group states.

The event will start at noon and end at 1 p.m.  

Jeanne Cervin, a local Democrat and former member of the Planning & Zoning Board, said a group of friends, including Alderman Susan Shaw and some of Milford’s standout environmentalists, were talking after the November election and felt they needed to fight for democratic ideals they thought were at jeopardy.

In their press statement, released Wednesday, they say, “As a community and as a country we face challenges and opportunities: The work of fostering a community and country that embraces diversity and encourages personal fulfillment continues; the need to do more to end homelessness and hunger remains; the reality of climate change cannot be ignored and all of us must do our part to protect the environment; our schools and educators need our support—democracy cannot survive without an educated population; and we must never forget that it is up to each of us, in our daily lives, to act with honesty and compassion.”

They say the challenges are urgent and that they want to create a better world for their children. They hope to make a statement on Jan. 20 “that Milford stands for democratic values and affirm that we are willing to work every day to make this a fairer, healthier and more just community and country.”

Cervin said they hope other Milford residents will join them at the rally.

The event is not about an election or for mere protest, but rather about getting people to do their part “to counter ignorance and hate, and most importantly, to push back against cynicism and apathy,” the press release states.

The event is clearly in response to the presidential election, Cervin said, adding that in announcing the rally they tried to be “subtle,” planning it for the day of the presidential inauguration.

“It’s the day and hour of the actual inauguration in Washington, noon, Jan. 20,” said member Ann Berman.

In their press release, the group quotes Hillary Clinton: “The worst thing that can happen in a democracy—as well as in an individual’s life—is to become cynical about the future and lose hope.”

The group has a Facebook page, MilfordSpeaksOut.