Letter: Upset by incendiary campaign literature

To the Editor:

Two hours ago a friend showed me some incendiary campaign literature she found in her mailbox. In one unbelievable piece, James Maroney appears to be either hanging from a noose or dangling from a puppeteer's strings. Next to this chilling photo is the claim that James Maroney is a "Radical Liberal" who intends to deny our children a sustainable future. (I do despair over the possibility of a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren, but it has to do with deficits raised by the Republican Tax Bill and the refusal of the Republicans to address Climate Change.)

I canvased with James, the "Radical Liberal", and was surprised by how insistent he was about being bipartisan and reaching across the aisle to find common ground. Aware of all James Maroney has done for the education of children, I was surprised that a mailer suggested he would be willing to compromise their future. He started his small business to help high schoolers get into college.  He started the Education Foundation to promote middle and elementary school programs.

I wondered how Staneski could approve such misleading mailers while referring to herself as a staunch advocate for education. As our state representative, she voted for the Republican budget which increases teacher contribution to their pension fund by 2% and delays implementing the tax cut for retired teachers. (Teachers were the only group targeted in the Republican budget.) Pam also voted against a bill that would ban bump stocks; against another bill mandating the study of Climate Change in our schools; and against a bill that would have protected women from domestic violence.

If Staneski thinks of herself as an education proponent why is her campaign taking money from groups financed by the oil magnates, the gun lobby, and Betsey DeVos, who is in the process of draining funds from public education to put into the hands of private and for-profit schools?

When people who know him think of James Maroney the words Education and Integrity come immediately to mind. Please believe this: Maroney will always vote to protect our children's future. Children are the reason James Maroney is running.

Barbara Milton