Letter: Two very important questions on ballot Nov. 6

To the Editor:

Some Connecticut voters may not know this, but there will be a very important question to vote on Election Day, Nov. 6. Question #2 merits a “yes” vote because a “yes” vote will prohibit the Connecticut General Assembly from selling, swapping or giving away any state parks, forests or other public land without public hearings and a two-thirds majority vote from the General Assembly.

One of our current State Representatives, Kim Rose, voted in favor of bringing this question to the voters. I commend her for this and it is only one of the many reasons I plan to vote for her.

Representative Rose continues to work diligently for environmental concerns. Locally, Kim has worked on the implementation of flooding mitigation projects, the dredging of Milford Harbor, the restoration of Milford’s duck ponds and is unwavering in her support of the Long Island Sound Blue Plan to preserve the ecosystem and resources of the Sound.

On a statewide basis, Kim Rose has voted to support legislation to reduce GHG emissions by 45% of 2001 levels by 2030. Under this legislation, the Department of Energy and Environmental protection must work with electric companies to develop long-term plans for lowering the cost of electricity. Kim has also pledged to work for the ban of plastic straws and one-use plastic bags which are a menace to our environment and life-threatening to marine life.

Voting on questions and for candidates who care about the world is an important responsibility every Connecticut citizens must not ignore.

Gayle S. Hoffman