Letter: Staneski has Della Monica's vote

To the Editor:

In a September 23 article about the 14th Senate seat James Maroney is quoted as saying about Pam Staneski, “Everything she does makes me nervous.”

I couldn’t agree more. He should be nervous. He should be nervous about the policies that she supports to fix the fiscal mess made by the Democratic majority party. He should be nervous about her push to make Connecticut desirable for all businesses (including his). He should be nervous about her lead on streamlining the municipal grant process, and her fight to save our Health Department from being rolled into New Haven’s (a move that would have cost us more in property taxes for less services).

He should be nervous about her fight against the majority’s actions to decimate our education funding, and her fight for our intellectually disabled community. He should be nervous about her being a stalwart against UCONN’s out of control spending and total disregard of taxpayer dollars as outlined in numerous audits.

And, he should be nervous about her championing a transportation plan that doesn’t pickpocket the citizens of her district. Pam Staneski is a fighter for us and for him — she is the right choice to be our next Senator. If she makes him nervous, think about how nervous the majority party is.

Pam Staneski has my vote and I ask that she have yours.

Joseph Della Monica