Letter: Staneski best option for state Senate

To the Editor:

Connecticut’s economy is in critical condition. We’ve gone from one of the strongest economies in the country (in the 1980s) to one of the weakest. Connecticut still has not recovered all of the jobs lost in 2008-2009. We are one of only a handful of states that can make this disappointing claim. During this fiscal/economic decline, strong Democratic majorities have presided over the Connecticut General Assembly. 2018 marks the best chance for a “change in management” for the state. We’ve given the Democratic Party 30 years to show us what they can do in the General Assembly. The results are truly disappointing.

I am the 13th generation of my family to have lived in Connecticut. I have recently purchased my first house and have just witnessed the birth of my first child this year. I am afraid that my daughter will not be able to live and thrive in this state as the previous 13 generations of her family have been able to.

On the ballot this year we will be given a choice for a new state senator. State Rep. Pam Staneski is one of those options. She is the best option. She has proven, as our representative, to be an empathetic, intelligent and strong willed advocate for Milford and Orange. Pam truly gives us the best chance to fix this state so that future generations, like my daughter, will have a state that they can succeed and thrive in. Please join me in supporting Pam for State Senator.

Dan Spicer