Letter: Says Kim Rose has experience, supports her candidacy

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Kim Rose and the experience she has demonstrated in Hartford. Kim Rose is a constant advocate for the citizens of Milford and to my family personally.

I advocate for my son as he has a rare genetic disorder, and when Kim heard of our plight to create a taskforce to address the issues of our community, she offered to write a bill for us. She was later appointed to the Rare Disease taskforce as our champion.

I have watched Kim Rose bring the same strengths and fight to create changes in 8-30g affordable housing legislation that is used by unscrupulous contractors to damage small neighborhoods.

Kim is an independent who votes for change even when it may not be popular with her own party. It was Kim who wrote her party leadership in order to ask for a special session to block the governor’s request for the toll study. Unlike her opponent who yells from the stairs of city hall, it is Kim Rose that actually knows how to work the levers of government to get the needs of Milford met. At a recent candidate forum I heard Kim’s opponent make bold promises to nonprofits, while admitting she had no clue about the budget process. We need a bold independent advocate in the capitol fighting for the needs of Milford, not another learn-on-the-job candidate who is nothing but a mouthpiece for her party’s policies.

Dominic M. Cotton