Letter: Resident supports Kefalas for probate judge

To the Editor:

The Republicans endorse Beverly Streit-Kefalas. Let me try to be brief, but explain. I am an active Democrat in Milford. My house is a landing place for all democratic signs. Ellen Beatty, James Maroney, Ned Lamont and Judge Beverly all had signs in my front yard. Some candidates had more than one.

This past weekend, in typical Republican hijinks, signs were stolen from my yard. Bye bye Ellen, James and Ned. But signs for Judge Beverly were left in place. I can only conclude that the Republicans know what I know. Judge Beverly needs to stay where she is, as our current Judge of Probate.

Wisdom, integrity and intelligence, qualities that transcend political affiliation. Judge Beverly possesses all of them. It is why she needs to remain our Judge of Probate. If I didn’t know it before, my Republican friends have confirmed it for me. Please vote for Beverly Streit-Kefalas to remain our Judge of Probate. She is the choice both parties can agree on.

Ray Arnold