Letter: Resident says it’s time for Connie Jagodzinski

To the Editor:

We absolutely need Connie Jagodzinski as our state Rep. in the 118th. For decades we’ve had pretty much a one party rule – resulting in more and more taxes, more and more government spending, and higher and higher state debt. As we continue down this path I am reminded of what GE said just before they moved to Massachusetts – No More Taxes. It’s time for a change in leadership. It’s time for a different way of thinking, a different way of doing things – it’s time for Connie Jagodzinski to be our state Rep. in Hartford.

As a veteran, Connie has served our country; as an involved citizen, she has served the people of Milford for many years. I know Connie, we worked and served together on the MRTC, and she has always served selflessly with a heart and soul for Milford.

I know her tireless efforts in Hartford will help to stabilize our state economy without raising taxes, or building tolls. She will help to rein in wasteful spending, departmental mismanagement, and will stand as a strong advocate for Milford.

Our current rep. has a clear public record of party line voting, including the largest tax increase in the history of our great state. We need a strong rep. that will speak and vote for the people of Milford and not be coerced by politics or political gain. It’s time to resist more spending and taxes – it’s time to vote for Connie Jagodzinski.

Rick Varrone