Letter: Resident says Staneski will support meaningful legislation

To the Editor:

I recently received a mailer from Democratic state Senate candidate James Maroney.

In it he implied that his opponent State Representative Pam Staneski voted against a bill to stop sexual assault. I find it appalling that he would come out and say that a bill passed by Hartford would stop sexual assault. It shows how James Maroney is willing to mislead the voters in the 14th State Senate district.

I would love to hear how the Yes Means Yes bill would stop sexual assault. I would like to inform Mr. Maroney that we have federal and state laws against murder yet we still turn on the news and open our papers we see someone has been murdered.

Also everyone knows that before engaging in a sexual relationship with anyone you need to be given consent. Also it only applies to university in Connecticut and doesn't apply to the entire community.

When seeing this it is very clear to me that James Maroney is for feel good bandaid bills that do not address the problems we face. It shows a lot about Mr. Maroney's character as a person to use such a low political maneuver.

That is why I plan on supporting Pam Staneski to be our next State Senator because she plans on tackling large not passing feel good bills to create an illusion that the problem has been solved.

Linda Tschilske