Letter: Resident says Staneski is ‘the real voice for women’

To the Editor:

Pam Staneski is not your typical politician. There’s a reason why she gives her cell phone number to voters. She wants to hear from them. If they have a question, she’s not going to dodge them or be evasive, she’ll take their call or call them back and tell them where she stands and why.

In the political environment we are in today, politicians are filled with either generic answers that their parties want them to spoon feed you or they have no answers at all and evade your questions.

Pam is the exception. She is a breath of fresh air. I wish more politicians would follow her lead.

You will never agree with any legislator 100% of the time. I disagreed with one of Pam’s votes and I voiced my opposition to her. What I received was the reason why she voted the way she voted and her personal and moral feelings behind these reasons. I went from being the biggest opponent of that vote to one of her biggest defenders of that vote. She made me understand the effects this bill would have on a group of people in a way I didn’t understand.

As a constituent, I want a legislator in Hartford who will vote based on their beliefs and not how their party tells them they should vote.

As a woman, I want someone who will stick by their moral compass and not be swayed by a party.

I stand with Pam Staneski, the real voice for women.

Katie Rose Martino