Letter: Resident says Rose has worked for gender equality

To the Editor:

I am voting for Rep. Kim Rose because of her work in Hartford to promote gender equality and to make sure that issues that affect women are heard in the state legislature.

As founder and co chair of the Women’s Caucus, a group of female legislators that work on women’s issues, Kim has worked on many progressive laws. She has championed legislation on gender wage equality, domestic violence and sex trafficking, child care, family medical leave, veterans’ issues and a host of other laws that support and benefit women.

This is important work and I know Kim will continue the struggle in Hartford on gender equality issues that can only serve to make it a better world for all of us. There are many legislative initiatives that have been introduced in past sessions that haven’t passed and we need Kim to make sure they are revisited.

I will be supporting Rep. Rose on November 6 for her tireless work on women’s issues and urge my neighbors to do the same.

Diane M. Prior