Letter: Resident says Rose consistently opposes tax hikes

To the Editor:

I am voting for Kim Rose because she has a proven track record of opposing tax increases while supporting smart investments that will keep our state on the right track to fiscal health.

Making sure Connecticut has a strong economy that does not rely on shifting tax burdens to working families is what our elected officials should be working on and Kim has never  disappointed me.

Through her strong advocacy, Kim promoted two consecutive bipartisan state budgets that focused on fiscal stability and included spending and bonding caps. She has also made sure to encourage a strong labor force, opposing cuts to workforce development programs that help meet employer needs.

Our state’s high-tech industries continue to grow and Kim is working on continuing efforts to make sure we have educated and prepared workers to fill the increasingly high-skilled jobs of today and the future.

I will be supporting Kim Rose on November 6 because she opposes shifting tax burdens onto the middle class while implementing structural reforms that support employment and put the state on firmer financial footing.

Joan Rousseau