Letter: Resident says Beatty already has solutions for state’s problems

To the Editor:

It's impossible to read Ellen Beatty's interview in the Milford Mirror without wishing she'd been in state government for the last 16 years, but then she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to contribute to SCSU's financial well-being and academic growth, or, as an alderman, to help make Milford the only city in Connecticut that has lowered their citizens' taxes. Ellen is a candidate who will hit the ground running, who has already thought about, and come up with, a variety of solutions for many of our state's fiscal needs.

If you're trying to figure out who to represent the 119th district in our state, you might ask yourselves this: If you were in serious financial trouble, wouldn't you turn to a well-respected professional, who has years of experience generating revenue for the people and institutions she works for? Or a good friend and really nice person who is willing to learn on the job.

Gail Dymling