Letter: Resident picks James Maroney for 14th District

To the Editor:

I attended a debate between the Democratic candidate for State Senate James Maroney and Republican candidate Pam Staneski. I know James through my past involvement with the Rotary and Pam through involvement with the United Way. Both enthusiastically give their time to bettering our community. Both are good people and good neighbors.

But I am voting for James Maroney. After Las Vegas, I thought banning bump stocks was a minimum first step to getting some sanity and control over the gun issue. So did Donald Trump by the way. But Pam voted against a bump stock ban in Connecticut. Her explanation why was puzzling, saying paintball enthusiasts are now felons.

Then I learned about Affirmative Consent, a bill that simply laid out ground rules for defining what “yes” means in a sexual activity. Out of 151 legislators only seven voted against it and Pam was one of them. I don’t blame Pam for voting with her party, most politicians do. But when she does veer I would hope she’d be more moderate, not more extreme.

I agree with her that taxes are too high but the needs of our state, especially infrastructure modernization, are high too.

James is a problem solver, not an ideologue. James is a moderate who listens. James sees an issue and he finds a solution. Then he builds bipartisan support. He is a consensus builder who will work across party lines. Bipartisanship is something neither party supports but it’s what citizens demand. James will choose our community needs first.

John Moffitt