Letter: Reader says Rose does what’s best for Milford

To the Editor:

I continue to support State Rep. Kim Rose because she does not hesitate to go beyond politics, and is not afraid to stand up and vote with her conscience. She'll always do what's best for us in Milford and in the state of Connecticut.

When the issue of bringing back tolls in Connecticut came up last session, Kim sought out her constituents, and organized a forum where we could voice our concerns. Even though toll revenue would bring in much needed funds to fix and maintain our roads, bridges, rail and bus service, the majority of her constituents were opposed to the proposal.

After the governor took it upon himself to bond the toll study, Kim once again stepped up to have her constituents’ voices heard. She wrote a letter to her leadership to support a withdrawal of the bond funds. Kim is very effective in taking our input and putting it into action in Hartford – she makes sure Milford is heard. This is what our legislators are supposed to do.

To Kim, being a State Rep is a labor of love. She truly enjoys being the voice of the people. I urge anyone with concerns to reach out to her. Most importantly, get out and vote on Nov. 6.

Riss Watt