Letter: Mayor endorses Maroney for State Senate seat

To the Editor:

When James Maroney declared his candidacy for the 14th district Senate seat last spring, I was already well-acquainted with him personally, professionally and as a dedicated public servant. What I admire most about James is his honesty. He’s smart, hard-working and genuine. James is a life-long resident of our community who went to Jonathan Law HS and Yale, then took a job as a stock broker in NYC which he left to start his own small business in Milford and serve our community’s causes.  

James has proven himself in many ways. As a successful local businessman, he has a keen sense of Milford’s economic interests. He has been intricately involved in local organizations including the Devon Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Business Association and he has served on advisory boards that promote our city’s fiscal and social well being.

James has been a constant contributor to all facets of our community and local government. He served on the Board of Education and founded the Educational Foundation. When James Maroney was our State Representative he led the way — from concept to securing funds to completion — for ventures such as Founders Walk.  He accomplished these projects by reaching across the aisle and being diligent about getting things done.

Recently James Maroney was endorsed by Barack Obama with the following statement:  He isn’t “… just running against something, but for something, to expand opportunity for all and to restore dignity, honor and compassion to public service.” James deserves this endorsement and he has earned our vote.

Mayor Ben Blake