Letter: Maroney is champion of working class families

To the Editor:

I encourage residents of Milford, Orange, West Haven and Woodbridge to vote for Democrat James Maroney for State Senate. Maroney is a champion of middle and working class families and has a proven record of standing up for small businesses when he was State Representative. He has pledged to stand up to the special interests that run Hartford, cut property taxes, restore and expand the middle class tax rebate, and use his experience as a small business owner to create policies that encourage economic growth. Maroney is not turning a blind eye to the reality of climate change. He has the leadership and experience to help bring high paying jobs in the burgeoning renewable energy sector to our state to help mitigate climate change.

Maroney, unlike his Republican opponent, Pam Staneski, also favors sensible gun laws. As a State Representative, Staneski voted against a bill that would have taken guns from domestic abusers who were under temporary restraining orders. Staneski also voted no to a ban on bump stocks, the adaptation to semi assault style rifles like the one that was used to kill dozens and wound close to a thousand at a concert in Las Vegas in 2017.  Her reason — she didn’t want to take people’s paintball guns away. Fortunately the bill passed despite her no vote. If elected, Maroney would support sensible gun safety legislation.

For his common sense leadership, bipartisan approach to legislating, and concern for working and middle class families, cast your vote for James Maroney.

Carole Walker