Letter: Maroney has the ideas and ideals

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of James Maroney for the Senate 14th. James was my State Rep in 2013 when I asked for his assistance in preventing massive changes to the State Brain Injury Waiver. My wife went to school with James and noted he was a stand up person. James became a fast friend and an advocate for our cause.

When I became a US citizen, James drove my family to the ceremony. James’ life is interwoven into his community, from planning and bringing Founders Walk to fruition, to running the Milford Educational Foundation and getting grants for teachers, and running a College and SAT prep business.

James is a person full of innovative ideas from social bonds to provide quality preschool education, to using open state office buildings for start up incubators. When I hear the excuses or lack of ideas from Pam Staneski at a recent candidate forum for non profits where she stated that our state is broke. James Maroney retorts, "we may be broke but the state is not broken." We need his ideas and can do attitude to get our state back on its feet and moving forward. We have cut services to the bone. Our only way forward is to innovate and create. James Maroney will do this for us as our next state Senator.

Dominic Cotton