Letter: Intern says Staneski is genuine and fights for state's best interests

To the Editor:

In light of the toxic political environment the last two years, I questioned my political identity. The madness in Washington, D.C. compelled me to take a closer look at my personal ideals, and where I stood in the political realm.

This self-examination prompted me to apply for the Connecticut Legislative Internship out of the State Capitol. Although the State Capitol isn’t directly involved in Washington, I thought this was a good start. I was fortunate to be assigned to State Representative Pam Staneski.

I was questioning what party I considered myself to be a part of. About a week into the internship, I found clarity. Pam exemplified everything I aspire to be. Her compassion and work ethic as a state representative goes far beyond the state capitol. She is co-founder of the Milford Prevention Council and a dedicated volunteer for the Rape Crisis Center of Milford. It is hard to find someone truly genuine to look up to as a role model, and I am lucky I got the opportunity to be her intern.

As a legislator Pam has mentored many young women aspiring a career in politics, including myself. She is bringing back the spirit of compromise among her fellow legislators. She works effectively and fiercely with both sides of the aisle. An example of true bipartisanship. I have never seen such fierce dedication and loyalty in anyone, especially a legislator. Pam is truly an inspiration – a genuine soul who has only the best intentions for this state.

Nicoletta Blevins