Letter: In support of Giannattasio

To the Editor

I am writing this letter to endorse Tony Giannattasio as the Republican candidate for the State Senate. I don’t know Mr. Giannattasio but I know of him. I know he has served ably as a Milford alderman for over 10 years. As minority leader, working with a Democratic mayor, he has helped to keep taxes low, while improving the services in the city. I know as a State Senator, he will support the issues he has endorsed on the city level; more jobs, low taxes, and keeping our schools safe. As a mother, school safety a particular concern for me. I was dismayed to learn his opponent voted against the recently passed bump stock ban as a state representative.

As a lifelong Republican, these are the ideals and issues I stand for. Tony is the endorsed candidate of my party and I am happy to support him.

Halina Chodziutko

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