Letter: Fabian says Maroney’s attack on Staneski is ‘disgusting’

To the Editor:

James Maroney, in the midst of these corrosive, hyper-partisan times chose to play in that sandbox by sending out attack pieces on Pam Staneski, leading us to believe that she is anti woman.

His message is disgusting and I believe that his attacks are a symptom of a broader problem with our political discourse. He feels enabled by a culture that treats women’s issues as political chips to cash in for empty victories.  He is hoping that you will believe the sound bytes that he can fit into a mailer.

I know better. Pam is a mother, sister, grandmother, and friend to many strong, determined, successful women. She is a fighter who doesn’t vote for headlines, but works for real reform and policy that helps our community. She has been doing that for years — as a member of the Board of Education, community volunteer for many non-profits, and as our state representative.

I have known her for 20 years and have watched her anguish over policy and votes as she does her research. She really does read the bill and then picks it apart. She does not vote for “feel good” legislation and wants policies that actually work.

Pam is the only choice on November 6; join, vote for Pam.  

Ann Z. Fabian