Letter: Do our candidates’ policies match our own values?

To the Editor:

I keep thinking about the phrase, Make America Great Again, and why the two sides of our country seem to have such different versions of what "Great" means and of what being "a good person" means. I think of the stand-out themes of various religions — the Jew's love for law, the Buddhist's of peace, the Muslim's for hospitality (ironic, isn't it?), and Christ's radical vision of loving your neighbor as yourself.

Do our candidates' policies match are own values? Are they honest, trustworthy, civil and just? Can they practice frugality as well as compassion? Are they knowledgeable yet open-minded, able to defend their vision while searching for common ground with those with a different one? Are they creative thinkers and problem solvers? Do they fight for the best possible health and education programs for their own children and their neighbor's? Do they include everyone in the collective word ‘neighbor’? Most of all, do they exercise common sense?

It's hard to think only in terms of local elections when the world seems to revolve around the latest catastrophe. Yet our little city of Milford seems to be getting better and better while trying to become more inclusive, offer more services, keep children safe, well-educated and well-fed, and even find ways to keep taxes decreasing. Who are the candidates who can keep our cities and our beautiful state this same way?

Barbara Milton