Letter: DiBiase supports Pam Staneski for 14th

To the Editor:

On August 14th  there will be an important primary for Milford, Orange, West Haven and Woodbridge citizens. We Republicans will be choosing a candidate to represent us in the November election for state senator. For a lot of reasons, the candidate I’m supporting is Pam Staneski, our great state representative. And I am most certainly not supporting her opponent, Milford Alderman Anthony Giannattasio.

Here’s why.

Back in 2013, many of us spent countless hours gathering signatures on a “Save the Woods” petition to stop this neighborhood-harming 23 unit affordable housing development on Pond Point Avenue. I brought the petition to the monthly Republican Town Committee meeting to gather signatures. I handed it to various members. All signed.

Then it got passed to  Anthony Giannattasio. He looked at it, then handed it to the next person and said,  

“I’m not signing this. This has nothing to do with me.”

The “leader” of the Republicans on our Board of Aldermen would not put his name on an effort to stop this terrible project. Besides refusing to sign petitions, he did nothing to fight the massive 8-30g development on Wheelers Farm Road in his own district.

The developer and financial backer for the Pond Point Avenue project is Sam Bergami Jr. Under the name “Colberg LLC.” Bergami later endorsed Anthony Giannattasio’s senate campaign. And “Tony G” vaunted about the endorsement he received from the man behind this neighborhood-wrecking project on Pond Point Avenue to a local newspaper.

Do you really think Giannattasio – who refused to stand up for our neighborhoods while he was a Milford politician – will stand up for us in Hartford? No, I don’t believe he would. Will he fight to eliminate the lousy “8-30g” developer-friendly law? Probably not.

But Pam Staneski has and will fight for us. The law the legislature passed last year to reform 8-30g is largely her doing. That’s just one of the many things she has done on our behalf. Pam is smart, always on the go, and hard-working. She will be as great a senator for us as she has been a representative.

On August 14th, vote for our neighborhoods. Vote for our values. Vote for Pam Staneski. And send a message that we deserve a truly hands on senator who will represent our needs in Hartford.

Suzanne DiBiase

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