Letter: Caswell Cove president backs Kim Rose

To the Editor:

I've  lived in Milford, Caswell Cove for 25 years. As many of you know 990 Naugatuck Ave. became a very serious concern for not only Caswell Cove, but the entire neighborhood. The possibility of a dumpsite backed up against Caswell Cove kept us up nights.

When I went to a neighborhood meeting regarding the possible dump site, I met our State Rep. Kim Rose. I had no idea who she was but she impressed me with not only her knowledge of the situation, but her genuine concern regarding this issue.

Then I also saw our Rep. Kim Rose at all the P&Z meetings regarding the possible dumpsite. This really impressed me. When the possibility of affordable housing on Bic Drive came to light, again Kim Rose was there speaking on our behalf.

At that time, I got to know Kim and even actively worked on her campaigns as our 118th district State Rep. although I was a registered Republican. At that time, I traveled to Hartford and watched Kim in action. Kim Rose was the only politician I ever met that returned all phone calls, emails and  attended P&Z meetings with her constituents.

State Rep Kim Rose is highly visible which gives us all a sense of being heard. I am not a 'party' voter, I vote for the person that gets things done and who takes the time to listen to her constituents. That person is our State Rep. Kim Rose.

Dotti Bateman

President, Caswell Cove Condo Association