Letter: Campaigner says he is shocked by Boynton’s comment

Letter to the Editor:

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I came across a live video from James Maroney who is running for state Senate in the 14th district on the Democratic side. In that video Rosa Delauro, Ellen Beatty and Cindy Wolfe Boynton shared some words with their volunteers.

Boynton, A Democrat from Milford who is running in the 117th district against incumbent Charles Ferraro, said these exact words about her opponent. “I am angry with my opponent Charlie Ferraro on a daily basis because he tells his constituents at the doors that it’s ok to lie.”

When I heard these words I was shocked because as an individual who has been to over 7,000 doors with Charles over the summer up until now, I can say that he has never told his constituents such a thing.

The nerve of her to say such a blatant lie only proves that she is desperate for support and will resort to all kinds of backhanded tactics to win an election, which proves that she is someone who the people of the 117th district don’t need representing them.

So on November 6 I urge everyone to go out and vote for Charles Ferraro for state Representative.     

Alfredo Rivera Jr.