Joanne Lasse Rohrig, incumbent city clerk

The Milford Mirror asked the two candidates for city clerk to discuss the key issues, their experience and why they believe they are the ideal choice for Milford City Clerk.

By Joanne Rohrig


The key issues in this election are continuity and transparency. I am running for re-election to continue the important work that I have initiated in the City Clerk’s office. Since my re-election in 2015, I have brought significant improvements to the office. These initiatives include far greater ease of accessibility to city records (both within the office and on-line), credit card transaction reform, and the development of communication vehicles that unite our great city.

The office of the City Clerk is the liaison for all of my constituents and beyond. My commitment and expertise has forged a wonderful relationship with the citizens and businesses in Milford. Along with my staff, we have re-trained, upgraded and re-energized this office. I want this great systemic momentum to continue.

I am actively engaged in numerous voluntary civic endeavors and work with great organizations including VFW Post 7788, United Way of Milford, Thanks4Giving Food Drive, Milford Oyster Festival, Toys for Tots, etc. My bloodlines run deep in Milford with four children, one grandson and numerous family members and friends in town.

I devote my full focus to this position. I have no other employment conflicts and I am running for re-election because I love this job. Make no mistake, I grew up in Milford, my parents and family have owned Lasse’s restaurant for 54 years, and I am totally devoted to the continued improvement of services of this office.  

I am the incumbent, having served since 2014, when my mentor and friend Linda Stock passed away. I am carrying on her great legacy. I am a product of the Milford Public Schools, having graduated from Jonathan Law High School.

I then attended Stone Business School and have served in a variety of administrative positions, including working in the Shannon’s Fine Art Auctioneers for over 14 years. I was elected to the Board of Education for four years and served as the minority leader.

My involvement in Milford has afforded me the opportunity to interact with thousands of Milford residents.

I believe that I blend a wonderful love for this great community coupled with a deep sense of commitment. My family grew up in Milford. My parents taught me that hard work is the key to success. As City Clerk, I have provided leadership in significant systemic changes in the office. My work continues to grow. I know the job. I understand the nuances of the position. I have a framework and vision for continued improvement. But most of all I will continue to devote 100% of my time and energy to this work.