Connie Jagodzinski announces run for 118th district

Connie Jagodzinski, a Republican, today announced her intention to run for State Representative in Milford’s 118th District. The official paperwork has been filed with the state, according to a campaign official.

“In 1991 I joined the march on Hartford to protest the proposed state income tax,” Jagodzinski said. “This was supposed to be the answer to Connecticut’s financial problems. It’s 27 years later and Connecticut faces deficit after deficit fueled by over spending, historically high taxes, business strangling regulations and underfunded pensions. People and companies are abandoning our state. I can’t sit by as the state I love, a state once envied for its prosperity and quality of life becomes unlivable for more and more people. If my grandchildren ask what I did to try to stop Connecticut’s slide, I want to be able to say that I fought – I did everything I could to help turn the state around and make it a better place for you and all its citizens”.

In a statement House Republican Leader Themis Klarides said: “I’m looking forward to having Connie Jagodzinski as a member of a new majority of Republicans in Hartford. She brings a fresh perspective to the difficult issues that we face as a state. Connie has interests and experiences that will serve her well.”

The seat Jagodzinski is seeking is currently held by Democrat Kim Rose. Jagodzinski said: “This election isn’t about Kim Rose; it’s about the fact that the Democrats have controlled the legislature for three decades and our state is clearly headed in the wrong direction. There isn’t going to be the kind of fundamental change we need until we have a new majority. We can’t keep electing the same people and expecting a different result.”

Jagodzinski has a degree in business administration, is a Viet Nam era Air Force veteran, worked in computer operations, is a writer with novels available on Amazon, worked with Habitat for Humanity and Homefront, served on the Milford Council on Aging and has been active in local politics for 15 years.