Congressional candidate Bryan Anderson suspends campaign

Milford Alderman Bryan Anderson, who had planned to challenge Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro for the Third Congressional District, announced this week he will not seek the nomination to run for the seat.

“After some thoughtful consideration and prayer, I have decided to suspend my campaign for the Third District Congressional seat. This is effective immediately,” Anderson said in a press release issued Wednesday.

Anderson said he will not seek support at the Congressional Convention in May nor petition to gain ballot access for an August primary.

Anderson, a four-term Democratic Milford Alderman, sought to challenge DeLauro, who has represented Connecticut’s Third Congressional District since 1990.

“I am grateful for the support of many friends and family who share my vision for change,” he said. “I was bolstered by the fact that people were willing to listen to my slant on issues, and I appreciate the warmth and openness accorded me personally since I began this run.”

He continued, “Since the beginning of the campaign, we have sought to open the election process and the Democratic Party to new ideas and participants. The times call for more of us who recognize the challenges as they exist to seize the opportunity and be willing to stand for change. Can we be the agents of change for those who are left behind by the status quo? Will we push for change in the Democratic Party or simply accept the status quo? I will continue to give voice to these efforts for change.”

Anderson advocated for a health care system that includes everyone — saying that millions are still excluded under the Affordable Care Act. Through his press release issued Wednesday, Anderson called on Attorney General Jepsen to lead an effort to sue states that refuse to adopt Health Care Exchanges or have refused Medicaid coverage for their residents.

“The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment has been violated by Republican governors who have denied their state’s residents,” Anderson said.

“I have questioned American involvement in dangerous proxy wars,” Anderson continued. “The Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) was approved by Congress three days after 9/11–nearly 17 years ago. It has not been updated, nor has it received the attention that it is due. Syria, Libya,Yemen, Niger. Long term support in Afghanistan. There are troops on the ground in places that were unknown even to Members of Congress. Yet, we have no discussions about our inextricable entanglements. There should be full measure given to Congressional oversight under the War Powers Act and an AUMF review.”

He also said the country needs to address the hypocrisy of a Congress that votes for tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, while adding to the deficit, and yet seeks to approve a Balanced Budget Constitutional amendment. He said the region needs to provide well-paying jobs for people, and reward innovative businesses, fund training, and lower barriers to higher education and technical training. He also wants this area to get more federal infrastructure funds to improve transportation.

“In closing,” he said, “House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision to retire signals a coming change in the 2018 midterm elections. Conventional wisdom has it that a ‘Blue Wave’ is coming in November. That assessment is far off the mark. I believe we will witness something more powerful than than a ‘blue wave’. We Democrats will work for and witness a ‘Blue Tsunami’. I look forward to working for that change and I will continue to speak out on issues that concern us all.”