119th District: Connecticut needs creative, effective strategic planning

By Ellen Beatty
There are many issues that are important to me and the people of Connecticut that I will champion when elected. These include but are not limited to quality and affordable healthcare, paid family medical leave; protecting the environment, quality and equitable education for all from pre-k to undergraduate college and/or technical training, raising the minimum wage, and strong protections of the labor movement. How we treat our most vulnerable is essential to our successful future. These ideas are not mere dreams but are achievable with some level headed, long term planning and workable solutions. The reactive, crisis approach to fiscal management in Connecticut is over. My belief is unshakeable that Connecticut needs creative, effective and doable strategic planning.

When legislators develop policies to address complex challenges, these ideas must be complete with impact data, costs, funding plans for sustainability, context and legislative recommendations. There must be suggested solutions to all challenges so that distractions, small issues, past arguments and special interests don’t interfere. Connecticut needs a sustainable path to fiscal stability and reinvigoration of economic growth. That recovery has started and must be the basis to inspire confidence for the long term.    

As an example, Connecticut’s elected officials should explore creation of a revenue stream for teachers’ retirement system. Examine the idea of directing a percentage of the lottery to ensure a constant revenue stream and improve long term sustainability of the fund. Elected officials must look at the impact on the general fund and work toward solutions. Loud, empty claims of championing education while cutting back on essential educational services are irresponsible. I will clearly place the challenges on the table and work hard to bring people with ideas for real solutions to the discussion.

The current politically motivated focus on single issues directed at constituents for political gain is hurtful to the long-term future of Connecticut. There is consensus that effective transportation systems (roads, ports, trains, public transportation, last mile shuttles in suburban areas) are necessary for robust economic development. Research indicates without exception that investments in transportation are directly related to economic activity and job growth. Voters cannot believe those who say that they will restore municipal aid while advocating irresponsibly for non-solutions that certainly will raise local property taxes.  

We need to establish a health care system so that all Connecticut residents receive quality, comprehensive services. This is a practical issue since Connecticut cannot be supportive of the small business community without relieving them of the burden of employer-based healthcare. We know how to do this in a fiscally responsible manner without raising taxes. The question is what is stopping us from moving forward and why? Vote for me, not only for my ideas, but for my ability to bring these ideas to action. I have the necessary experience, knowledge, independence and determination to represent the good people of Milford and Orange in Hartford. I ask for your support on November 6  for the  House of Representatives, 119th District.