MILFORD — After an unknown suspect left threatening messages about declaring war on police and stating that ISIS would blow up the Milford police station, city police are looking to identify the man.

Police said the suspect went into a common hallway of a River Street apartment complex on Sunday and left threatening messages.

Among the messages were, “ISIS we will kill cops!” as well as “Milford Police Stratford Police ISIS you got our guy in Shelton this is the beginning,” according to police.

But, police said, the suspect didn’t stop there.

He also left threatening messages on other River Street buildings that said things like, “Declare war against police ha ha ha ha ha” and “ISIS will blow up the Milford police station run my prints pigs!! I’m smiling for the camera yes I am.”

Officer Mike DeVito said the Connecticut State Police bomb squad responded to the station Sunday and checked the area around the station with trained dogs. DeVito said it all checked out clear.

“We took the appropriate measures Sunday night. Now we’re trying to identify him,” DeVito said.

Since the city also had a Martin Luther King Jr. remembrance event at City Hall Sunday night, DeVito said, police also bumped up security there. Thankfully, he said, “everything was OK.”

DeVito said although the police department is not in a “heightened state of caution,” he did said the police force took precautions to ensure the safety of all.

The images of the suspect, DeVito said, were caught on a resident’s Ring surveillance camera.

“We scoured all over the Ring cameras,” he said. “And these images came out pretty clear.”

Anyone able to identify the subject is asked to contact Detective Rick Mahoney at 203-783-4727 or via email at