A West Haven woman due in court Friday stole more than $30,000 from a Milford woman who she worked for as a home aide to pay for personal expenses, according to police.

Cops charged 46-year-old Danielle Hackett with first-degree larceny and four counts of first-degree forgery Sept. 3. She was released after posting a $5,000 bond.

According to an arrest warrant written by Officer Christopher Lennon, the victim in the case reached out to police in June after she noticed a fraudulent transaction in her bank account.

She said her financial adviser was able to find many more irregularities dating back to May.

The woman told police that she had hired Hackett, who she knew as Danielle Harvey, to help her around the house in April, and had paid her with two personal checks totaling $300.

However, the financial adviser found four fraudulent checks totaling $4,500 with signatures the victim said weren’t hers.

On two of the checks, the signatures were misspelled.

The woman also told police that beginning in September, she noticed withdrawals coming out of her account that she had not authorized.

The withdrawals included payments for Hackett’s car, credit cards and cell phone, according to the warrant.

The withdrawals spanned 10 months and added up to $26,101.93, bringing the total of the money stolen to $30,601.93 including the fraudulent checks.

The warrant says Lennon called Hackett, who initially denied taking the money, but eventually admitted the thefts after becoming very upset and “crying hysterically” over the phone.

Hackett said she was caring for her elderly mother with Alzheimer’s disease and was also a single mother who didn’t get child support, according to the warrant.

She said she would try to call the victim and work out a plan to pay her back. But the victim told police she wanted to press charges.

Hackett is scheduled to appear at Superior Court in Milford Friday. She has not yet entered any pleas in the case, according to court records.