Writer supports Kim Rose for another term

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of State Representative Kim Rose. Kim is not your average face of politics.

She brings back the democracy our nation was founded upon. If there is an issue brought to her attention, she is on top of it. Besides that, Kim advocates not only for the taxpayer but for the environment, children, pets and the economy.

Kim worked hard to ensure schools were allowed to administer lifesaving EpiPens to those with allergies. She fought to keep prescription pills and chemicals out of our waterways. She advocated for adults with autism who were not previously properly protected from abuse.

When citizens contact her with concerns, she cares. She rallied for others in the community who were strongly opposed to a dump in their neighborhood.

Kim also honors veterans by not only sponsoring bills to support them but by personally volunteering her time regularly to launch and be a part of programs offered by the Devon VFW.

It is evident Kim not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. She proves time and time again her love for the people of Milford and Connecticut. She is proud of her community and even launched Devon's popular farmer's market. She is easily accessible and approachable with concerns anyone may have. So next time you see her, say hi. She wants to meet you.

Larissa Watt