Writer says Blake is experienced and above politics

To the Editor:

Driving through downtown Milford with an out-of-town friend, a conversation started about the billboards of mayoral candidates. It gave me an opportunity to explain how Ben Blake, our current mayor, fits the caption for both posters, “people above politics” and “experience counts.”

What impressed my friend were the details confirming the mayor’s experience. I described his years balancing budgets while an alderman and as mayor, his skillful and efficient management of city departments and agencies, and his success promoting bipartisan agendas. I told my friend how Mayor Blake has saved Milford vast sums of money through his tight-fisted handling of contracts, based on familiarity with of our city’s laws and policies. I explained his experience has been a tremendous asset.

I expressed how Ben personifies the best in public service. He led the city though our worst natural disasters, Hurricane Sandy and the devastating February Blizzard. He set an example and encouraged neighbors to help each other. I repeated personal stories I heard about Ben knocking on doors early in the morning with the UI trucks at the ready. I explained how Ben had rallied citizens with support of our city agencies to make our city safe and accessible. With the disasters behind us, Ben is certainly a people person, and always there to help others. His door is open to everyone, and he is a fixture at community events and public occasions.

John Moffitt