Woman praises Slossberg’s efforts

To the Editor:
As a taxpayer and resident of Milford for almost 50 years, I totally support Senator Gayle Slossberg.
Peoples’ voices are heard by Gayle. I am a single, divorced mother of two. Being a woman with no medical insurance at the time when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, back in 2007. I took it upon myself to self advocate.

As one knows the medical bills continue to climb each and every day. I spent many hours on the phone, writing many letters. Reaching out to those who were somehow involved in my care.
I was more ill from the worry of not being able to pay the bills, than I was from the actual cancer! Needless to say it was a rather difficult time for myself and my sons.
Being a strong and independent woman, I thought to contact our local state senator, Gayle Slossberg, whom I had met while she was campaigning door to door.
As election time is fast approaching, I ask all Milford voters to remember Gayle Slossberg on election day. She is for the people of Connecticut, and I know this personally. As she helped me experience a miracle.
She went to St. Vincent’s Hospital when I was battling cancer and got me awarded 100% Charity Care. That is a politician who cares for the people.
So please remember Gayle Slossberg on your ticket when voting. She is a real person who helps real people with real problems. Rosemarie Civitello