Will election promises come true?

To the Editor:

I for one am relieved to see the end of the political advertisements, signs, phone calls, debates and literature cluttering my mailbox.

The good news is that according to all the promises made during this recent election campaign, it's going to be a great year for the citizens of Connecticut, and the country as a whole. We can all now look forward to the following pledges coming to fruition in the next few years:

• A reduction in taxes (my favorite)

• Creation of jobs

• Help for the middle class

• More support for education

• Reduction of the debt

• Bipartisan collaboration (who would have thought it possible?)

• Equality in pay between the genders

• A solution to immigration issues

If you believe that any of the above promises will become a reality in the near future, then you probably also believe in the tooth fairy.

I'm Bob Blake, and I approve this message.

Robert O. Blake Sr.