We need viable, articulate candidates for our transportation future

To the Editor:

This year’s Governor’s race will be a crucial one for the 125,000 daily riders on Metro-North. The dependability and affordability of daily commutation for Connecticut riders is essential to the state’s economy. But for a robust debate this fall on our transportation future, we need viable, articulate candidates.

Incumbent Dan Malloy’s track record speaks for itself. But who will run on the GOP ticket and best represent the interest of commuters? I hope it will be John McKinney.

State Senator McKinney has served in the legislature since 1999, the last seven years as Minority Leader. A Fairfield County resident, he knows commuter issues. But he also knows how to get things done in Hartford. Candidate McKinney has also made specific proposals to fix Metro-North.

His opponent, Tom Foley, has refused debates, offered no specific plans and has no clue about the problems of commuters. His arrogance on the campaign trail, “Why should I answer that question?” is hardly reassuring.

For 20 years I have been a strong advocate for rail commuters. That’s why I hope that all registered Republicans will get out and vote for John McKinney on Tuesday, Aug. 12.

A Malloy vs. McKinney contest in November can only bring us a better, more informed debate on our transportation future.

Jim Cameron

Darien, CT

Jim Cameron is founder of The Commuter Action Group and author of Talking Transportation, a twice monthly column and blog.