Wants Kim Rose back in Hartford

Dear Editor:
I am a member of the Milford Independent party and I am proud to support Kim Rose for state Representative. Kim received the endorsement of the Independent Party because she has proven that she is willing to listen and act on our concerns regardless of party affiliation.
Kim's vote against the state budget that included more than 1 billion dollars in tax increases demonstrates her willingness to vote with taxpayers in mind. Kim was not afraid to vote against party lines to do what she felt was in our best interest even if it wasn't popular with her party.

Kim is a working mother, a former business owner and has a long history of community service; Kim has been here volunteering and working for her neighbors for years. The last thing that we need is another attorney in Hartford representing us. We need one of us, we need to keep Kim in Hartford. Kim has proven to be our Independent voice.
Lorna Pitcher