Veteran thanks police officer for ride

To the Editor:

On 11-09-2014, after the Veterans Day parade in Milford, I was somewhat stranded downtown, my car was at Wasson Field. Like most, I felt I could walk there. By the time I got to the Railroad Station I was looking for a cab, none there!

I trudged on stopping here and there, when half way to my destination Police Officer John Kranyak spotted what must have looked like an ambulating, staggering drunk wearing a disabled American veterans cap.  Imagine my unexpected surprise when at the height of my leg pains he said: Do you need a ride? Instantly I replied YES!

I am most grateful to this fine officer who exemplifies the words: "A City With A Big Heart."

I formerly served with Milford's finest and took note of his fine "spit & polish" appearance and his military bearing which should make his supervisors proud. I hope our mayor and the police commissioners recognize him for his kindness to a senior citizen who was truly in need of a guardian angel.

Eric P. Muth