Vanchot critical of board chair’s statement

To the Editor:

“When it comes right down to it, it’s the board’s decision what happens.”

This one statement made by Board Chair Susan Glennon, during the last meeting of the Long Range Planning Committee, sums it up perfectly, when it comes to the approach the Milford Board of Education follows when making broad based decisions that impact the enitre city. There is something wrong with this totalitarian mindset that needs to be addressed.

There needs to be some oversight to bring balance to the power some boards and committees wield in our town. If you are a parent of young children, new residents hoping to raise a family here, or other concerned residents, I implore all of you to voice your concern.

Comments from one individual mean nothing and only serve as amusing coffee talk, but when there is a group, perception changes and the required visibility is brought to the issue at hand. Don't allow apathy to offer the opportunity for the board chair and those like her on the board to continue to make these types of myopic decisions because they will do it, despite the community's viewpoint.

I would hope that the continued proposal for a single high school made by Susan Glennon and Tracy Casey, despite broad disagreement across our community, would offer some credence to the above statement. Milford is a great community, with great people. Don't allow a few overzealous individuals succeed at changing its face.

Edward Vanchot