Toohey goes to bat for Casey

To the Editor:
The Republican Town Committee unanimously endorsed Michael S. Casey for State Representative in the 118th.
Michael, accepting his nomination, talked about living in the state of Connecticut, how Connecticut ranked high in many of the wrong areas.

Why? Simply, lack of jobs, extensive regulations on business owners, holding one of the highest records for gas tax, named one of the worse places to retire. Yet, Michael knows that we do not need to see stats in the news to know they are accurate.
Michael needs only to ask his neighbors, friends and family. That is part of the reason Michael is running. More businesses are outsourcing to other states, other countries. No longer can we compete in our state.
Connecticut sees fewer jobs, longer working hours, less pay, tax increases, and, Hartford’s inability to stop spending.
With each tax increase, there are less job opportunities for the people of Connecticut and youth moving out of the state.
Hartford thinks government will flow money down to help individuals. Since government does not create jobs, how can that be?
Hartford does not get it, they do not understand, each of us is part of the economic engine of our state.
The good people of Milford, of the 118th, you deserve more, you deserve common sense policies that will help grow the economic engine of this state. Remember we are all a part of the process. With your help, we will make it happen.
Casey, recently elected to the Planning and Zoning Board, was born and raised in Milford.
Judith Toohey