Throws support behind Casey

To the Editor:
Our state has dire problems, and no one in Hartford has fixed a thing. I don't think any incumbent in this election year has the courage or resourcefulness to solve these economic issues. I'm ready to put my trust in someone else.

Here's why.
Last week, the Department of Labor announced that Connecticut's unemployment rate topped 9% and that our State lost 6,800 jobs. In Milford, our jobless rate went up a full percentage point between June and July 2012, making the unemployment rate in Milford 8.1 %.
How can we be satisfied with this?
Democrats in the legislature have failed to help us. My friends are out of work. People I know are in foreclosure, so devastating is this community's joblessness. I have lost all hope that the current legislators in Hartford will help us.
This November 6, I'll vote for every non-incumbent on the ballot and I urge you to do the same. I like Michael Casey for the 118th District because he is an honest, caring man who listens and is determined to change this course before Connecticut completely crashes.
I think Milford's survival is worth taking a chance on a good man like Michael Casey. Don't you?
Susan Fontana