These stray cats need a home

To the Editor:

I have been putting food out for two cats who come to our house every day. They don't look like a typical stray but they look lost. I've put info about them up on the web and also have contacted local shelters and vets but nobody has claimed them.

These cats need a home and with the cold weather coming it is imperative that it's soon. (We have two parrots and serious allergies so cats are out of the question for us.)

One of the cats that I've named Pumpkin is an orange tabby, looks very young like maybe a year old. He's sweet, comes right up to me and has tried to walk right in the house at times. He would make a fantastic pet...he's (or she) is so sweet. I'm pretty sure it's a male just by how he acts.

The other one, Gregio which means grey in Italian, is a gorgeous long-haired cat and looks like a Persian. He has huge greenish gold eyes and I melt when I see him. He's let me pet him while he's eating but he is more cautious of people. After he eats he rolls in my garden and looks so happy that he's getting attention.

I'm having a very hard time getting help. Some people at the New Haven Cat Project said they will come (in weeks) and try to catch them, check to see if they're spayed or neutered but then release them back here. We can't have cats trying to walk in the house while the birds are loose in the breezeway so as you can see it's a major problem.

Being an animal lover I can't just stop feeding them so please....if anyone wants a cat or if you can please spread the word I'd deeply appreciate it.

These cats deserve a chance and I don't want them out in the freezing cold weather.

Lorrie Davies (